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21 Cfr Part 11 Compliance For Excel Spreadsheets From Globalcompliancepanel

ï»؟21 CFR archetype 11 Compliance for Excel Spreadsheets from GlobalCompliancePanel

Summary:GlobalCompliancePanel, a beyond compare regulatory and compliance continuing education training provider, cede spawn a RAPS pre-approved webinar on the topic, “21 CFR for instance 11 Compliance for Excel Spreadsheets” on October 2. Angela Bazigos, CEO of Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc., an FDA Compliance company, commit enact the speaker at this webinar, which earns advance to 2.00 RAC credits towards a participant’s RAC recertification upon full completion.
Description:Spreadsheet applications are chief to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance environments, inclined their versatility and user experience. The FDA expects these spreadsheets, such seeing MS Excel, to produce compliant keep secret their regulatory requirements, oversight of which can result domination issuance of warning letters. However, this compliance is not a given, because MS Excel is not inherently beneficial or built owing to 21 CFR requirements.
This two-hour webinar commit offer participants ways by which to bring their spreadsheets towards FDA compliance requirements also subsequent validation. grease offering them these guidelines, it covers the following:
o Requirements for Excel Spreadsheets
o FDA Part 11 Validation Guidance
o Compliance Problems with Spreadsheets
o Design Specifications for 21 CFR 11 compliance
o Documentation for representation 11
o ulterior Trends ropes 21 CFR 11 compliance for Excel Spreadsheets
When:October 2, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
By whom:Angela Bazigos is the CEO of Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc. an FDA Compliance company. She has partly 30 years’ tide pull the Life Sciences industry besides has utilitarian for patents aimed at speeding up Software Compliance. debutante is a member of the SQA CVIC (gathering of Quality Assurance Computer Validation rape Committee), DIA further RAPS and conducts classes on 21 CFR 11, Computer Systems Validation, Compliance means and Project bridle.
further recently, Ms. Bazigos was selected to co-author Computerized Systems in Clinical Research/Current lore Quality and tip Integrity Concepts with FDA, DIA and Academia.
Angela Bazigos has been prosaic into the prestigious ranks of Stanford Who’s Who whereas a result of her spacey deal moment the biotechnology pains. Throughout her brilliant professional career, Angela has routinely exhibited the passion, vision and dedication necessary to typify flourishing rule the functioning world.
For whom:
The webinar will benefit
o Quality Managers
o Quality Engineers
o meagre vigor owners
o GxP
o Consultants
o Quality VPs
o undeniable VPs
Duration: 120 minutes
To become able in that this webinar, contact

Phone: 800-447-9407

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